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SS Color Dispersion

SS Color Dispersion is a high solids, concentrated, solvent based tint system specially formulated for SS Polyaspartic polyurea. SS Color Dispersion is formulated with high quality, ultra fine particle pigments that easily disperses in SS Polyaspartic. SS Color Dispersion is a superior choice to obtain a semi transparent stain or a solid opaque colored finish in SS Polyaspartic formulation. May also be used as colorant in SS Poly Pro and SS Aliphatic 60% Urethane.

SS Metallic

SS Metallic is a concentrated powdered metallic pigment designed for use in our SS Aliphatic 100% Epoxy system. When applied over a properly prepared and primed surface, the effects that can be achieved are virtually endless, producing an extremely unique and desirable result. 20 great color choices in earthy and vibrant varieties. Adds a very unique application to finish—perfect for commercial, industrial, and residential interior floors. Provides a beautiful metallic, mottled effect with unique and varied depth perception

SS Vinyl Chips

SS Color Flake Vinyl Chips are composed of water based resin materials, inorganic minerals, additives and various pigments. This unique product is integrally pigmented, brilliantly colored, and random in shape. Comes in 8 blended colors to achieve optimal appearance and texture qualities with the SS Polyaspartic coating system, Aliphatic 100% Epoxy or the Water Based 40% Epoxy.

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