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Concrete Stamps

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Patterned Stamps

Patterned stamps are used to create natural textures with different shapes and grout lines.

Seamless Texture

Seamless texture skins are feathered edged flexible mats that will imprint continuous texture without grout lines.


Large expanses of concrete can normally be textured without walking out onto the concrete using these rollers and extension handles. Occasionally, small areas may not be accessible to the large roller. For these occasions, the small six-inch wide handheld roller and twenty-four inch square mats with the same textures are available to facilitate walking out onto the concrete and texturing small areas. With these options a contractor can texture more concrete in less time, and save precious time on jobs.


We feature a variety of accessories designed to make your job easier. Our line includes our patented, shock-absorbing tampers, our new, lightweight, hand-held billy banger tamper, touch-up wheels, joint texture strips, decorative concrete texture rollers, and more. These convenient accessories help you simplify the process while enhancing your expertise.

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