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A worldwide leading manufacturer in the diamond tools industry, Gang Yan Diamond Products has been trusted by major distributors and contractors as their #1 source of quality diamond cutting tools. We are a major OEM supplier of leading brands in the USA and Europe.

Gang Yan Diamond Products has a complete line of products to suit every cutting need, engineered and designed to make the job easier.

Item #: GY-STK40-375
Your Price: $98.00

Item #: GY-STK70-375
Your Price: $199.00

Item #: GY-TB40X
Your Price: $15.00

Item #: GY-TB40XP
Your Price: $17.00

Item #: GY-TB70X
Your Price: $26.00

Item #: GY-TB70XP
Your Price: $39.00

Item #: GY-TK40SX
Your Price: $42.25

Item #: GY-TK70SX
Your Price: $108.50

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