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Since 1968 Stegmeier LLC has been producing innovative products for the swimming pool industry and, more recently, for the decorative concrete and masonry industries.

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Stegmeier's Cantilever Forms are foam forms that attach to the tile on gunite pools and secured with double face tape and tie wires. Set up time is minimal (usually the morning of the pour) and they may be removed early while the concrete is still wet enough to "slick finish" with a foam profile edging tool. The tie wires are positioned approximately 14" apart and are designed to break away at a pre determined point 2" deep into the concrete edge.


Stegmeier's Countertop Forms are the answer to installing the popular counters found in many contemporary kitchens, baths, and commercial sites such as restaurants and bars. These short 2"-thick profiles are the perfect height for most applications and can be shaped or mitered to any angle. Countertop Forms have a smooth even texture allowing them to be stripped early while there is ample drying time.


This form is use, in-remodel application to replace out of date "old fashion" coping stones. After removing the old coping, Renovation Forms attach to the ceramic tile using double face tape (Tie Wires are included for extra support). These forms are also used in forming cast-on-site concrete counter tops


With Stegmeier Foam Step Liners, shaping overhangs becomes a snap. Use spray adhesive and/or roofing tacks to fasten Step Liners to the inside of formwork. Radius steps may be formed by attaching Step Liners to Slip-n-Join Lumber (a reusable plastic bender board by Stegmeier Corporation). Break-away slots allow for three (3) riser heights. Step Liners may be stripped and finished much earlier than conventional forms.


These multi-use foam forms are used in forming and pouring concrete caps on block walls, glass block walls, and planters. They are lightweight and are held in place with reusable spring clamps. Wall Cap Forms are available in several classic profiles, and provide a cast-in-place alternative to many precast
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